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    It all comes down to talent. Iron City Search is doggedly persistent in the NYC talent wars, searching every nook and cranny for that special individual. When we have a miss, they listen thoughtfully and incorporate our feedback into the search process. Future candidates always seem to improve and get closer, to the final day when the perfect fit walks through the door. They have good attention to detail, are a pleasure to work with, and get the job done. I'm delighted to have Iron City Search as my recruiting partner in NYC. (2008)
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    Brian has worked with me as a professional IT recruiter in several of my career positions as a manger. His methods of recruiting has always assured me of getting top-quality candidates that meet my needs, without wasting my time. As a Senior Executive, this is a feature in his character that I truly value, and keeps me coming back often.
    MFA Inc.
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    I've worked with dozens if not hundreds of placement firms so speak from experience. Brian was one of the easiest, most reliable and respectful I've ever dealt with. He took the time to understand my needs as his client and followed through accordingly. He provided great people, didn't buckle under pressure, communicated with me in an effective manner and became one of my most valued providers at Progressive.
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    Iron City Search has an uncanny ability to match skills and personalities. They took my technical requirements as well as the interpersonal needs that I was looking for and found a series of really perfect fits. The success rate was exceptional in this regard. One thing that I especially liked was their followup both with me and the candidates that they had placed. They spent considerable time understanding my technical needs and the kind of person who would fill my needs and this was demonstrated in the spot-on resumes that I got and in every case, a very close or perfect interview.
    CIO, Beyond the Rack